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Quotes Geoff Lawyer Hary, what a true professional you are! The service you are offering to the wider "referee" community is fantastic. I have purchase 6 items from you since the start of your business venture and I have to say the level of service (being price, quality, product and deilvery) that you provide is exceptional. Thank you for all the work you have done for the football community todate. Geoff Quotes
Geoff Lawyer
Level of service is exceptional.

Quotes Whistle received today. Very good service. I will definitely recommend and buy from you in the future. Thank you, Quotes
Very good service.

Quotes Thanks once again for being so helpful. Bought the intermediate kit. Great value, $150 worth of goodies for only $75. It was also great that I could pick up which meant i got to use the stuff this weekend. Thanks for providing a great service for all us refs. Pervez. Quotes
Pervez VIC
great service for all us refs.

Quotes Top work Hary! I have loved the cards, watch and organizer. I have several more purchases in mind when I can afford it. Quotes
Andrew VIC
Top quality products and top service!

Quotes have now purchased the organizer and the referee jacket. Organiser has come in very helpful and a great little item for the Kit. The jacket is fantastic, looks the goods. This is a great website; all you really need is here and about time. The website is updated regularly with nice pictures and descriptions. Well done Team ?Refsworld?. Regards, Jim NSW Quotes
Well done Team ?Refsworld

Quotes Dear Hary & Assistants. Having worked in retail for many years I would like to thank you for the great level of service you?ve provided me. All my items arrived as described on website and promptly delivered by post as promised. As the site is updated & constantly expanding I?m happy to keep visiting& being kept up-to-date. Having all the right equipment makes a big difference. Once again, Thank-you. Sincerely, Simon Michaelis Melbourne Vic. Quotes
Simon VIC
great level of service

Quotes Hi Hary, Tried my watch out today (Casio Phys RFT 100) with a school game, it was brilliant, its vibration makes it very discrete its easy to know when times up. A great buy! Regards, Zach Quotes
Zach W.A
A great buy!

Quotes The added gift was a nice touch, thanks. All the products were as described on the website and I'm very happy with them. The Casio watch(RFT 100) is AMAZING! It is brilliantly simple to use and has a range of functions. I certainly would recommend it to any referee. Thankyou and I'll be keeping an eye out for future products from Refsworld. Quotes
Gregory NSW
Thankyou very much for the products!

Quotes Less than 24 hours after finding the watch on your website, it was delivered to my door. That's overnight from Melbourne to Sydney. I will definitely let my fellow referees know about your website. Excellent service. Thank you very much. Quotes
Frank NSW
You're unbelievable!

Quotes Very happy with the products and service. Yet to give the whistle a proper spin (don't think the family would be too appreciative of giving it a big blow in the house!) but everything looks good. Couldn't be happier with the items themselves, prices and service. Will definitely be buying from you again when the time comes. Thanks! Quotes
Joe A.C.T
Appreciate the quick postage.

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